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Barry Gag Big Ring - Multiple Options

Barry Gag Big Ring - Multiple Options

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This is a Stainless Steel Barry Gag is like no others made anywhere in the world, it has smooth perfectly positioned centre links to keep the joints within the mouth rather hitting the sides of the mouth or cheek causing cutting or bruising when pressure is applied. Those connections give this Barry Gag mouthpiece, the smoothest W action (W action = reducing surface area, increasing pound per square inch pressure on the tongue, cheek and bars) of any other Barry Gag found anywhere on the planet.  

Keynotes for Ainsley Saddlery Gag Bits:

Additionally, the Barry Gag has all the exceptional features we have come to expect from Ainsley Gag Bits, beautify balanced and weighted rings with the rope holes exactly aligned and tapered allowing perfect rope flow through back and forth through the holes. Enabling the horsemen to collect and release the mouthpiece in a smooth flawless motion resulting in perfect communication. The connection between the side rings and mouthpiece also being paramount to communication between horse and rider giving the horsemen seamless and smooth movement mechanics. 

Center links are designed to move smoothly and evenly over the tongue so as not to cut or damage the tongue in any way. 

 Gag Bit Test, Mouthpiece: Hold the bit in your hand or run it over your fingers if you feel sharp points, or it catches anywhere the pressure on these so-called hot spots will compound with pressure and damage tissue creating a defensive reaction from the horse rather than getting the message the rider is asking and fulfilling the task at hand.

Gag Bit Test, Ring and Runner: Slide the rings then rope independently through the mouthpiece and runner holes to watch and feel for any clunky or jerking movements. Any clunky any none smooth flawless movements are obviously is a break in communication between you and your horse. Either by not moving and increasing pressure as you are requesting when the bit runner or ring isn't moving or when it releases and suddenly unexpectedly increases pressure at the wrong time confusing or hurting the horse's mouth. On the flip side when you want to give to your horse for either rewarding or changing your command or request and you're bit runners and connection between mouthpieces and rings don't release the pressure spontaneously and immediately the communication lines are again faulty and easily fixed with better-made Gag Bits.