4 Ring Barry Gag

4 Ring Barry Gag

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Beautifully smooth centre joints on the mouth, with no right angles or sharp edges that could catch the tongue or create sores/pressure points.

The most common problem with barry gags is the distance between the two centre mouthpiece links being too big, therefore, when the bit is in use the joins protrude outwards. Our centre joins are closer together for more of an ergonomic feel.

  • The shape of the mouthpiece applies even pressure across the bars, tongue and cheek/lip region.
  • Perfectly weighted 5.5" mouthpiece, allows instant release and reward communication between horse and rider.
  • The smooth centre join and curvature of the mouthpiece provides maximum communication without any 'hot spots' or abrasion from any sharp angles.
  • A decreased surface area for increased pressure - giving more opportunity to get the horses attention


4 ring gives slightly more ability to utilise leverage compared to the 3 ring.

Best Suits

Horses that are becoming a little complacent or heavy with the classic mouthpiece gag or simply not quite as sensitive as the other horses and needs a little more persuasion to respond to the riders request.