Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos

Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos: A Rising Star with Unparalleled Polo Genetics

In the world of polo, bloodlines are the threads that weave the fabric of excellence. Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos, the offspring of the legendary Dolfina Cuartera and the venerable Wembley, emerges as a shining example of equine brilliance, embodying the epitome of polo athleticism and intelligence.

The Lineage of Legends

Dolfina Cuartetera: The Messi or Maradona of Polo

Descended from the impeccable Sportivo and Lambada, Dolfina Cuartetera is hailed by Adolfo Cambiaso as “one in a billion” and the “best mare” he’s ridden his entire career. Her prowess on the polo field earned her a unanimous vote as the number one horse in the Polo hall of fame- a testament to her unparalleled impact on the sport. Read more about Dolfina Cuartetera here: Cuartetera: A cloned Legacy – Ainsley Saddlery

Wembley: The veteran of Competitive Excellence

On the other side of Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos’s lineage stands Wembley, a seasoned veteran known for his longevity and excellence in the competitive polo arena worldwide. Played by the best in the sport until the grand age of 23, Wembley’s legacy is commemorated through the prestigious ‘Wembley award’ in the US, celebrating horses showing longevity and excellence at the highest level. Find out more about Wembley here: Wembley: A polo legends legacy preserved through cloning – Ainsley Saddlery

Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos: The Prodigy

The fusion of Dolfina Cuartetera and Wembley’s genetics in Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos results in a prodigy with a trainable disposition, a magnificent mouth, an incredible brain, and a massive capacity- all underscored by a calm and honest demeanor. His lineage represents a perfect amalgamation of thoroughbred athleticism, endurance, and the natural stop and turn innate to the best polo ponies worldwide.

The Ideal Polo Pony: Unmatched Traits

  1. Handling pressure with calm and resilience:
    Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos inherits the ability not only to handle pressure with ease but stay calm, reserved, and conserve energy for crucial moments. His lineage ensures that he can reserve his energy for when it’s needed most, a trait indispensable in the high-stakes world of polo.

  2. Thoroughbred Athleticism and Endurance:
    The infusion of Cuartetera and Wembley genetics grants Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos thoroughbred athleticism, providing the explosive power and endurance required on the polo field. His natural stop and turn capabilities make him a standout in the polo world.

  3. Desirable Characteristics for Polo:
    For those seeking a pony with sufficient stop, turn and explosive power wrapped up in an easy-to-train horse for polo, Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos represents the ideal solution. His genetics promise a progeny that inherits these traits, ensuring success in the demanding game of polo.

The Family Track Record: Let the Legacy Speak

Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos’s lineage boasts a remarkable family track record. Both Cuartetera and Wembley have consistently produced horses with an unparalleled desire for the game, a heart that yearns for victory, and an unyielding determination to surpass any challenge.

Breeding Prospects: The Future Unveiled

With current foals showcasing true-to-type characteristics and predominantly embodying the perfect polo pony look and movement, Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos proves his worth as a breeding sire. The foals exhibit an innate ability to gallop around fields, stopping and turning effortlessy- a testament to the successful transmission of his exceptional genetics.

Live Foal Guarantee: Elevate your Breeding Program

Consider Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos for future breeding prospects and elevate your breeding program with the best genetics on the planet. The live foal guarantee offered ensures a seamless process, guided by experts who will help organise everything for you- from veterinary arrangements to a step-by-step walkthrough of the breeding process. Learn all about the breeding process here: Breeding Excellence in Polo Horses: A deep dive into the process – Ainsley Saddlery

In the pursuit of perfection, let Dolfina Cuarteto de Nos be the cornerstone of your breeding aspirations, as he carries forward the legacy of legends into a new era of polo excellence. Contact us via What’s app +447515157509 or email, and embark on a journey with the progeny of polo greatness.