Kiwi Polo Rug

Kiwi Polo Rug

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The go-to rug for polo ponies in mob condition where horses tend to play and nip each other.

Our Kiwi Polo Rugs are non-slip, beautifully weighted and fitted to prevent sliding, featuring gussets on the front to minimise shoulder rub and pleats at the back to fit wide and narrow hipped horses comfortably.

  • Highly durable rugs suitable for mobs of horses
  • 18oz Scottish canvas, waterproofed rip-stop
  • 4 & 5mm chrome leather, designed to handle tough conditions
  • Purpose built clips
  • Front rug connection features multiple adjustments to fit a large range of horses
  • Reflector strips front and back for easy spotting during unexpected events
  • Perfect fit for polo ponies from 14.2 h to 15.3h
  • Canvas stitched in neck rug and BioThane stiffening
  • Canvas stitched in tail-flap

Other sizes and weights available.

Contact us to enquire about our rug options.