Enhance your Horse Power

Whether your -2 or 10 goals the old saying in polo is 70% horsepower, 30% rider. In our experience a badly fitting saddle has one of the biggest impacts on horses performance.

Photo: Adolfo Cambiaso


Badly fitting saddles in polo can cause your horse pain and discomfort or worse consequently leading to poor performance. How would you feel knowing that every time you ride your saddle is potentially causing performance issues for your horse?

But how do we know this is happening? Have you noticed your horse is reluctant to stop, turn or run? That their condition is dropping? That the current level of performance is not quite what it once was?

Let us guide you through a simple three- step process to help you ensure your horses are not being already impacted by a badly fitting saddle. This will enhance your horses performance 100% guaranteed. A happy and healthy horse allows them the freedom to perform at your horse’s optimum level and you get to enjoy playing with peace of mind that you are not causing your horse any discomfort.

Don’t worry we didn’t have this all figured out straight away either, we have been learning and developing our saddles, tack and concepts our entire career and we understand how daunting change can be. We tested and got feedback from some of the best players all over the world and understood a change in saddle design was needed and this helped lead us to innovation behind our latest MVP saddle range and now the best players in the world have the same confidence we do in our saddles.

Follow our easy three-step guide as a good starting point for you or your groom to check whether your saddle is fitting correctly.

1. Wither Clearance: Adequate clearance around the withers is crucial. The saddle should have 3-4 fingers of clearance over and around the withers This clearance allows for the horse’s shoulder rotation and prevents pinching.

2. Tree angle: The angle of the saddles tree must match the angle of the horse’s shoulder to avoid restricting movement, creating parallel lines between your saddle and your horse’s body shape. Checking for even pressure along the front of the saddle is a useful tip to determine if the tree angle aligns correctly. The tree points need to reach the longissimus muscle and not sit on the scapular damaging the cartilage.

3. Saddle Position: Ensure your saddle not extending past the 18th Rib and exerting direct pressure on the horse’s organs, which is highly undesirable. Nico’s boot in the above picture is in the perfect place to demonstrate where this is.

Our saddles are designed with the centre of gravity in mind, naturally putting you in the perfect hitting position.

Avoid limiting your performance due to archaic saddles and transform yourself, your horse and your performance with the peace of mind that your horse is not feeling any pain from their saddle. Feel the freedom and the confidence in our saddle and transform your game today.

Are you still seeking further assurance? Order now and we will arrange a saddle fitting either in person or virtually for you by one of extensive range of saddle fitters worldwide. Are you unsure which saddle is right for you? Send us photos and videos of your horses and let us guide you through the process of buying the best saddle for not just you but your horse as well. We have so much confidence in our product that if you aren’t happy, we will offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Enhance your horses performance and set your horse up to be pain free with the 10 goalers saddle of choice. Release both you and your horse’s full potential and be part of the next generation helping to pave the way for welfare standards for years to come.

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Help us, Help you, Help your horse.