Polo Prep 101: A Tack-Check Guide for a Winning Season!

Be Your Horse's Hero with Our Pre-Season Tack Check!

The polo season is upon us, and the key to victory is not just skill on the field but ensuring your gear is in top-notch condition. Join us in the ultimate pre-season tack check to guarantee a safe and stylish ride for both you and your equine partner.

Saddle Savvy: Your Horse's Comfort Zone

Begin by ensuring your saddle is the perfect fit, providing utmost comfort for your horse. Our guide ensures it clears the trapeze and wither areas, creates a clear spinal channel, and allows freedom of the shoulder. Explore our range of polo saddles at Ainsley Saddlery Polo Saddles – Ainsley Saddlery for a 5-star riding experience.

Inspect the saddle's panel for imperfections, opting for durability with synthetic trees like Carbon fibre. Symmetry is key to how your horse's saddle fits, and our saddles boast longevity and elegance, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

Girth Points: Securing Safety

Girth points, the unsung heroes of security, demand regular checks. Verify the integrity of the holes, ensuring they haven't compromised. Check the width and thickness for safety, preventing any untimely breaks. Your safety, your saddle's safety, and your horse's safety start here.

Did you know our new MVP Series 2 saddle comes with girth points you can change in the comfort of your own tack room?

Stirrup Strategies: Stay in the Saddle

Stirrup leathers should be as reliable as your girth points. No one wants a mid-chukka spill! Ensure the holes are intact, width and thickness are secure, and opt for our non-stretch stirrup leathers for that added sense of security.

Delve into the often-overlooked stirrup irons; stress fractures can be a silent threat. Upgrade to our hollow-core lightweight stirrup irons for both style and safety.

Saddle Attachments – Ainsley Saddlery

Girths and Bandages: Comfort and Style

Girths with elastic need special attention—no one wants an overtightened girth due to stretched elasticity. With an equaliser girth, check for any fraying or stitching issues. Explore our range of girths, including AirTech pads, to keep your horse comfortable and protected. Don't forget the bandages; check the Velcro and elasticity to avoid mid-chukka surprises.

Saddle Attachments – Ainsley Saddlery

Safety First, Victory Second

Putting safety and well-being at the forefront, our guide ensures you and your horse hit the field in top form. Follow, like, and share with fellow polo enthusiasts, and may this guide lead you to a victorious season. Best of luck on the field!