Polo Season Prep: Your Essential Tack Check Guide

As polo season gears up, ensuring your tack is in top-notch condition is a non-negotiable step for both rider and horse safety. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the essential checks to make you the hero of your horse's well-being.

Bridles - Functional Elegance:

Begin with a meticulous inspection of your bridles. Check for stitching integrity, buckle functionality, and leather condition. Explore potential upgrades at Bridles and Accessories – Ainsley Saddlery to guarantee both style and durability.

Bit - Precision and Comfort:

Run your hand over the bit, focusing on detecting any rough edges that could cause discomfort or sores. Check the joints for wearing- the last thing you want is a bit breaking on your run to goal. Explore our collection at Polo Bits – Ainsley Saddlery, ensuring the reliability of cutting-edge designs. Apply a small amount of coconut oil to prevent rust and enhance your horse's experience.

Gag Runners - Seamless Communication:

Examine gag bit rope runners for smooth functionality, concentrating on the bottom of the ropes and leather stitching. Ensure the rope runs smoothly with no knots or fraying enhancing the communication between you and your horse. Find reliable replacements at Changeable Gag Bit Runners – Ainsley Saddlery to avoid unexpected mishaps during play.

Curb Chain Hooks - Comfort and Confidence:

Check curb chain hooks for any discomfort when pressure is applied, ensure they are facing outwards and not driving in towards the horses chin when the bottom rein has pressure applied. Opt for wider curb chains at Wide Curb Chain – Ainsley Saddlery to reduce pressure and potential bruising. Happy horses make for successful matches.

Drop Noseband - Optimal Fit for Breathing Comfort:

Ensure the drop noseband allows for comfortable breathing. Explore the Bridles and Accessories – Ainsley Saddlery collection for options that guarantee both style and the right fit.

In polo, meticulous tack checks are the hallmark of a responsible rider. Be the hero your horse deserves by prioritizing safety. Share this guide with fellow enthusiasts, and let's make this season a success together.

Prepare for victory in the upcoming polo season. Explore our range, share your feedback, and join the community dedicated to equine well-being. Good luck!