Magician Swivel Pelham

Magician Swivel Pelham

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Designed specifically for the soft horse that needs its head slightly elevated and nose (head carriage) to come into a collect position. Works very well for those soft horses that bump the bit downwards when asking to collect up. The mouthpiece has a very spacious and comfortable port that rotates separately to the Pelham action ensuring that the tongue has minimal pressure - allowing the softer horses to work off the other pressure points of a Pelham.

This port and swivel combination works very well with any horses that don't enjoy tongue pressure.

Can be used with or without curb-chains.  Often a horse can remain in this bit without a curb chain if they are very soft.  We find a leather curb chain works very well with this bit.

Best Suits

  • Soft horses or those with a tendency to push their nose into the ground when asked to collect up. This response can be some times described as snatching or diving into the bit.
  • Horses that do not enjoy or respond well to tongue pressure
  • For training and schooling horses that play well in gags (or other bits) as a change of pressure points in the mouth, which gives the most often used pressure points a rest.

Horsemen's Tip

When training and setting a horse up for this bit (and all curb bits):
For a horse who has not had a curb bridle on it before, we will give the horse the opportunity to accept the bit and get a good understanding over 4 to 6 weeks before much pressure is applied. We will also allow the horse to enjoy the bit without a curb chain.  From here we will move to a webbing or leather curb strap followed by a flat sitting wide curb chain.
They may progress through the stages without a curb chain quickly if they are not very sensitive horses.