USA Slow Twist Balding Gag

USA Slow Twist Balding Gag

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Like the Classic Loose Ring Balding Gag, this bit has been designed with the flawless draw, smooth release and reward philosophy. Overall, the mouthpiece has a very comfortable fit.

Professionals preference, this bit features in most high goal players tack rooms thanks to its horsemanship and performance abilities - many horses are in this bit year-round.

The twist increases pressure slightly more than our other classic balding gags.  It is the stepping stone between the Barry Gag and the Classic Balding Gag, Fixed (Eggbutt) Gag & the USA Classic Gag.

It has a 3 step flawless communication process:

  1. Mouthpiece shape & weight
  2. The connection between the mouthpiece and ring for the flawless draw, smooth release communication.
  3. The way the gag bit runners run through the rings

The weight of the mouthpiece is designed for an instant release and reward movement allowing the trainer to take pressure off instantly as the bit falls from the pressure zone.

The connection between the rings and the mouthpiece has a very smooth uptake pressure delivery system for a flawless draw and release.


The big ring is the overall most popular sized ring for polo players.  The large circumference gives the rider soft, smooth leverage on the uptake and the connection.

The large rings are designed to enable complete control to the rider.  Offers extremely smooth draw up and a smooth increase of pressure working in tandem with the riders requests.

On the flip side, the connection between the mouthpiece, the ring and the design of the runner holes allows immediate and instant release from the rider - which allows the rider to immediately reward the horse in a learning situation.  The polo player also gets an advantage in the form of this precise communication.

Best Suits

Suits a huge range of horses, young and old.  For horses that need a little bit more pressure than the Classic Balding or USA Classic Gag.